Equipment Provided
All of our trailers are equipped with a basic set of dishes and eating and cooking utensils to accommodate the number of people the unit sleeps. There is a basic set of pots and pans as well as a stovetop and electric coffee pot. There is a broom, dust pan and several cleaning towels. We provide a complimentary roll of paper towels, two rolls of toilet paper, bath soap, and dish soap. The bed has a mattress pad, coverlet and 2 bed pillows with pillow cases. There is a blanket in the cupboard.
Each trailer has an RV battery, which operates the lights, the fan for the heater, and the water pump. We provide propane to service the refrigerator, stove, hot water heater, oven, and heater. The battery and the propane provided should last your entire stay by using the simple conservation instructions provided. Your driver will demonstrate the operation of the trailer. There is an operation manual provided in each trailer. Items not provided are toaster oven, blender, over-sized pots and large food storage containers. The refrigerator requires several hours to reach "load in" temperature, so bring perishables in a cooler or shop when you arrive.
What you should bring
Bring your sheets for the queen bed, bathing towels, sleeping bags and pillows for the additional sleeping areas. These can be provided for an additional fee. Bring clothes for a variety of weather conditions. If you are staying in Fort Bragg you may experience fog during some of the mornings and evenings, but the days in the summer are quite warm. Bring plastic food storage bags, trash bags, wooden matches, a flashlight and an outdoor lantern if desired. Make sure you include your camera, campfire skewers and fishing gear. We recommend bringing an ice chest for additional cold storage. You might see an occasional bug, so come prepared. Last but not least, bring a carload of happy campers.

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